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- NCR Counterpoint

Made for everyone in mind

In addition to industry-leading point of sale and store management capabilities, NCR’s complete suite of solutions also includes e-commerce, email marketing, smart alerts, and mobile technology.

Why Ncr?

With over 125 years of retail experience, NCR is a leading provider of retail management solutions for retailers of all sizes. We can add to your bottom line by increasing sales and reducing costs. It is our mission to help retailers run their businesses, connect with customers and sell anywhere.

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NCR CounterPoint Mobile

ncr smart alerts

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Sell your products anywhere with mobile POS capabilities

Use real-time monitoring to manage operations and stay alert to potential fraud


Drive retail sales with integrated email campaigns

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About US

Welcome to Southwest Data Systems!


Serving Texas Since 1988


Southwest Data Systems has successfully provided consulting services to our clients while navigating the ever-changing world of business technology for over twenty years. Our goal is to supply simple, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for your growing business needs.  We have the IT skills and business experience to build a strong foundation for your business's successful future.


We provide our customers complete, professional services for--


Business analysis  

Computer system design

Implementation planning

System sales & installation 

Software recommendations

Data conversion

Internet connectivity & security 

Training assistance 

Data recovery


a unique resource


Southwest Data Systems (SDS) is a unique resource and versatile consulting firm, offering its clients the skills of a staff with both business management and technical experience.  SDS can partner with you to suggest tools and procedures that are required to face today's changing business technology.  Spending time with clients to discuss company goals and expectations is the first step in identifying what services, products, tools, and practices will enable them to more effectively manage their businesses. Partnering with clients each step along the way to guide implementation is what we do best. Working smarter - not harder - is a winning solution for everyone.  We provide technology with a personal touch!


Software for Serious Retailers


Managing a business has never been more challenging or complex.  You need the right merchandise at the right time and at the right price.  You need to know your customers and what they want.  We provide strong management controls and information that’s up-to-date and accurate every minute of every day.  Schedule a consultation with us to discover the tools you need to manage your business efficiently, effectively, and profitably!


Southwest Data Systems is the professional, qualified dealer with the expertise and dedication required to identify and manage a wide range of business needs.  We are an NCR Authorized Reseller and can help you choose and set up the right system to fit your business.  Our representatives provide personal training, ongoing service, and support for your personalized system.