Point of Sale Hardware

Southwest Data Systems is a full-service retail and POS dealer offering NCR all-in-one touchscreen terminals and peripherals such as thermal receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, integration trays, keyboard and mouse sets, payment terminals, customer displays, and mobile accessories.


As an authorized NCR dealer, we offer all-in-one, touchscreen point-of-sale terminals with integrated and encrypted credit card swipe. These units are easy-to-use, highly reliable, and compatible with NCR Counterpoint.  This more compact setup affords you the speed and flexibility of using a system powered by a high-performing computer and allows you display more products.


These rugged units are enclosed in either plastic or die-cast aluminum and feature long-life LED displays.


Most basic systems have a low cost of ownership and energy-efficient models may even reduce the cost of ownership up to 50-69 percent over older POS terminals.

world-class warranty

Although these machines are built to withstand the heat, cold, and everyday use, all NCR equipment comes with a standard one-year warranty against material and workmanship defects. If your product fails in any way, simply contact us for repair or replacement at no charge to you. We handle the repair process for you to minimize your frustration and downtime.

A replacement unit of equal or greater value will be shipped to you overnight when your unit is in need of repair under warranty and your existing unit is only shipped to NCR once the replacement has been received.


Customers may choose to upgrade this warranty for an additional one to two years at the time of purchase. Upgraded warranty options are available in several tiers, some of which include onsite hardware maintenance support.

NCR All-in-one touchscreen

thermal receipt printers

cash drawer

Our printer-driven automatic cash drawers are available in multiple sizes to fit your workspace and budget.

Give your checkout a sleek, modernized look while retaining all of the standard features found on a  traditional register by upgrading to a touchscreen-based POS.


Thermal receipt printers are known for their speed, reliability, and compact designs.


barcode scanner

integration tray and keyboard

all-in-one payment terminals

We provide USB barcode scanners ranging from handheld units to high-performance, bi-optic scanners with integrated scales.


Cherry brand keyboards feature a built-in touchpad mouse and are specially designed for a commercial environment. Fit your terminal and peripherals neatly together with an integration tray.

All-in-one payment terminals are our choice for pin pad entry, credit card swipe, signature capture, and check reading.


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customer displays

ncr silver pos terminals

ncr mobile accessories

These screens are mounted near the POS terminal and face the customer to information, such as the total cost, during a transaction.

Grab a complete SILVER hardware package to turn your existing iPad or iPhone into a sleek and sophisticated point of sale terminal.

Complete your mobile sales unit with a barcode scanner, credit card swipe, bluetooth mobile receipt printer, or sled to power up your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

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