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Go beyond the cash register with NCR Counterpoint, the industry's most powerful retail management solution available. 


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NCR Counterpoint is the leading point-of-sale software for small retailers because of its robust feature set, which includes--


Inventory Management

Maintain the optimum inventory, prevent the embarrassment of running out-of-stock, and control costs by tracking merchandise movement patterns. Find information of by entering an item number or barcode, or by searching the system for a keyword, item name, description, or category.


Touchscreen Point-of-Sale

Access all of the functionality of a cash register and credit card processor while enjoying the speed and ease-of-use of a computer workstation. A touchscreen is not required as this system is fully compatible with a mouse and keyboard setup as well. POS screens can be customized for users, so that clerks and managers have access to different functions.


Customer Loyalty

Create a detailed profile for each customer including their sales history, shipping information, credit limit (if applicable), current balance, rewards points, tax code (optional), and even notes and photo. Easily print labels for all customers in a specific group, such as those who have spent a certain amount in the last three months. Integrate this information with NCR Retail Online to send customers targeted messages, coupons, and rewards.


Gift Cards

Add custom and secure gift certificates to your brick-and-mortar and online inventory without paying third-party fees. Evaluate card sales and redemption rates. Create specialized card types for promotions. Card balance is printed on the customer's receipt for their reference and is stored in the system for easy lookup.


Automated Purchasing and Order Management

Sends reminders, replenishes stock automatically, and stores online and by-mail purchase orders to simplify record keeping, shipping manifest integration, receiving, returning, and re-ordering.

Other helpful built-in features include gift registries, sales forecasts for a given day, and employee reminders to ask customers about up-sells or add-ons when a specific item is being sold.


NCR Counterpoint interfaces seamlessly with the other NCR software options including NCR Retail Online, CP Mobile, and Smart Alerts.

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