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NCR Counterpoint add-ons

CP Mobile

CP Mobile allows businesses of any size to adopt the flexibility of making sales on the road through cell phone and tablet applications. Whether at a convention, trade show, farmer's market, pop-up store, at a special event, in the field, or even on the floor of the store, CP Mobile provides the full functionality and security of credit card processing and inventory management with the added convenience of mobility.


All you need to get started is our software and a iPod 4th Generation or higher, iPhone 4 or 4S or higher, or iPad with data plan and iTunes account. You will also need an integrated barcode scanner with credit card swipe case, or MSR swipe connector if barcode scanning is not required, and a printer for receipts. See your representative for hardware details.


NCR Retail Online

NCR Retail Online automatically transfers items, categories, customers, and product images between NCR Counterpoint and your website, making it simple and efficient to setup and manage your online store.


NCR Retail gives you the power to create a robust online shopping experience that allows users to browse items by price, brand, color, category, size, and other attributes. Customers can even create a “wish list” of items they want to receive as gifts. They can also sign up for emails to alert them when an unavailable item comes back in stock.


The Search feature conveniently lets customers search the site for products and also lets you see what people's queries are and what results they receive. The built-in ratings and reviews feature means you not only gather feedback from customers, but also generate more organic content for product pages, which improves your search engine rankings.


Smart Alerts

NCR Smart Alerts looks for unusual transaction activity including scanning for employees who don't normally perform transactions, transactions taking place at odd hours or for large amounts, and fraud prevention. You can also sign up for daily or on-the-fly operations reports, such as how much cash is in the drawer at various locations, how many tickets were generated, whether there were high or low volume sales, and if there is low inventory.


Customer Connect

NCR Customer Connect is a powerful email marketing tool that gives managers the ability to craft and send targeted campaigns to customers who are already stored in the NCR Counterpoint system. Customers contacts are stored in one connected database, so there's no chance of double entry, no matter how or where you collect emails. Autoresponders welcome new customers as soon as they join the database at any time of day.


Use our pre-loaded retail specific templates to jumpstart your outreach, then upload hundreds of images to customize your messages. Segment customers into groups to send them different messages. Measure the open and click-through rates of emails, and then generate reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of email marketing.


NCR Merchant Services

Our clients benefit from NCR Merchant Services turn-key credit card processing solution. NCR has direct connections with the major credit card associations including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and all major debit networks. These connections result in faster authorizations, increased security, fewer errors, and competitive pricing.

Specific hardware, software, and/or subscription requirements may vary by solution and may require additional cost.  See your sales associate for additional details.

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