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Transfer all of your business's data about customers, vendors, inventory, orders, shipping, sales figures, and more to other programs easily using Passport SQL.


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Passport SQL runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2008, and requires an SQL server such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard, Express, or Enterprise Edition; or Microsoft SQL Server 2005.


If you're already using Passport Business Solutions (PBS), then no full re-purchase is required to run on Microsoft SQL Server. Simply pay the price difference between your current PBS System Manager pricing and the Passport SQL System Manager, a change of environment fee per module, and the difference in the annual maintenance fee.


Passport SQL allows your analysts to access data using a wide variety of tools that are user-friendly, without additional programming that wastes costly man hours.


Now you can import all of your information into tools such as, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, Oracle tools, and hundreds others to easily manipulate data that was once trapped in a central location. Filter and display however you like, create spreadsheets, charts, and custom reports, all without the hassle of formatting and file import issues.


Enjoy complete compatibility between Passport SQL and other SQL-based business applications that your company may use already, such as time clock software and online analytical processing. Passport SQL communicates easily with other SQL-structured programs, saving you the trouble of manually entering data into multiple programs or importing and exporting data files. This reduces the chance of data entry errors and improves reporting efficiency.


Take control of your business's reporting by gaining direct access to your raw data in a highly-compatible format.


With Passport SQL, users can select and display the data they need using any SQL-compatible reporting tool in the way that is most effective for them. Business owners and managers are no longer bound to reporting using pre-determined templates and forms in the software that is collecting their data. Now, they can seamlessly integrate all data from Passport SQL with any other SQL-based applications they want to securely analyze and track assets, success factors, and operations data.


With this greater visibility and access to more meaningful metrics, your managers can make more informed decisions, which will lead to improved efficiency and profitability for your business.


Maintaining your records in an SQL environment allows you to not only document all of your business activities for a given day, week, month, quarter, or year, but also to access this data using a wide variety of tools. Think of how much easier it will be to pull together a multimedia report that involves Microsoft Access, Word and Excel when you can import data directly into these programs without having to deal with the formatting issues that typically arise when using non-compatible programs.


Inspire confidence when you present a more professional look to investors, board members, stakeholders, employees, and customers in your next quarterly or annual report using the power of Passport SQL.



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