Peripheral Hardware Devices

Southwest Data Systems offers a wide range of peripheral equipment to satisfy the retail needs of small-, mid- and large-sized businesses. Peripherals include cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, credit card swipe and pin pad terminals, signature capture devices, mouse and keyboard sets, and even back office PCs.

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Cash Drawers

We offer printer-driven automatic cash drawers that are tested for 1 million lifecycles and designed to resist power surge damage. Cash drawers are available in multiple sizes to fit a variety of retail environments.


Receipt Printers

Our receipt printers are made by Epson, known across the industry for their fast printing speeds, reliability, and space-saving designs.


USB Barcode Scanners

We can provide USB barcode scanners of any sort—from handheld units to high-performance, bi-optic scanners with integrated scales. Many models can deactivate anti-theft tags, be adapted for self-check out purposes, include a swivel display, and feature a power-saving sleep mode.


Payment Terminals

Ingenico is an industry leader in payment terminals offering units for pin pad entry, credit card swipe, signature capture, and even check reading. These machines are compact, ergonomic, and process quickly to ensure fast and convenient transactions.


Keyboard and Mouse Sets

Cherry Electrical Products have been a POS solution since 1953. Many Cherry keyboards feature a built-in touchpad mouse, which minimizes the number of cords running through your workstation and frees up space. These heavy-duty keyboards are specially designed to be used in a commercial setting and are available in a variety of configurations.


Customer Displays

These screens are mounted on poles or the back of the POS terminal and face the customer to display prices, product names, the total cost, or other information during a transaction.


Integration Trays

Integration trays allow your terminal and peripherals to sit together neatly and concisely on or below the sales counter. We sell a range of sizes to fit your new or existing equipment. Contact us for details.


Mobile Accessories

Add a professional look to your mobile sales unit with a sled perfectly sized to stand up your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Easily attach a barcode scanner, credit card swipe, and bluetooth mobile receipt printer to your choice of mobile devices for enhanced transactions.


Back Office Computing

Our preferred brand for back office computers, servers, and other equipment is HP. Not only can we assist you in choosing what models you need, but we can also set up and network the units, and even train your staff as needed.

See your representative for complete pricing details.

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