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Enhance your customers' and employees' experiences with high-powered, touchscreen point of sale terminals.  Customizable button displays ensure accuracy and speed of transaction so that your customers are confident in their purchase and on their way before they know it.

industry-leading point of sale terminals

Southwest Data Systems is an authorized dealer of NCR all-in-one, touchscreen point-of-sale terminals with integrated and encrypted credit card swipe. These units are easy to use, highly reliable, and compatible with NCR Counterpoint.


NCR produced and marketed the first cash register with a receipt in the late 1800's and has been innovating POS technology ever since, including the latest advances in touchscreen POS units.



Upgrading to a touchscreen-based POS affords retailers the speed and flexibility of using a system powered by a high-performing computer, while retaining all of the standard features found on a  traditional register.


Slim touchscreen monitors also give your checkout station a sleek, modernized look instead of the cluttered look that bulky traditional registers have. This more compact setup allows you display more products, and lets employees make better eye contact with customers during transactions. Light-weight monitors and units are much easier to move and set up when opening new locations, too.


Many of our POS units include advanced Intel® technology to run graphical-based applications smoothly and process calculations quickly, so the touchscreen always moves just as fast as the clerk's fingers do.


Not ready to purchase a touchscreen monitor? These POS systems work with a computer mouse setup as well.




POS units are enclosed in either rugged plastic or die-cast aluminum and touchscreens feature long-life LED displays. Some energy-efficient POS models may reduce the cost of ownership up to 50-69 percent over older POS terminals by taking advantage of newly-developed power supplies.


All of our POS options will enhance your operations by combining innovative retail design with proven technology. With fewer moving parts than a traditional register system, and with the NCR Warranty, you need never worry about the reliability of a touch-based POS.


And best of all, most basic systems can be set up for a low cost of ownership, comparable to older generation technology.

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