Southwest Data Systems is a family-owned office where the employees really strive to get to know every client on a personal level. Every employee exhibits different strengths, so clients get to interact with each of them, including the owner of the company, at different points along the process. We pride ourselves on giving every client personal, one-on-one attention.


We craft our solutions based on client need and do not offer pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all deals.

meeting new customers

We know that choosing a point of sale solution for your business is one of the most important business decisions that you can make.  After all, your point of sale system is the backbone of your whole operation!  Here at Southwest Data Systems, we want to make sure that your backbone is strong and stable enough to support your business, which is why we go through a multi-step process to determine what kind of point of sale solutions are going to be essential to getting your system started out right. 



This initial process is relatively the same whether we are working with a tiny "mom and pop" retail store or an enterprise-level retailer with many locations; however, the larger the company, the more time it will take to complete interviews with key stakeholders and assess your company's needs.

crafting custom solutions

Once we get to know a client and their business, we carefully tailor a solution based on their individual needs and budget, then present them with a proposal that outlines our recommendations. The proposal will also estimate the cost of hardware, software, and labor.


When our client decides on the solutions they want to install, we want to be as involved in the setup process as the client will allow to ensure a high quality, accurate implementation of your new system. We are able to install 100 percent of the hardware and software at every location a client has, and can perform both group and individual training sessions at an hourly rate, as needed. During training, clients usually learn to configure various elements of the system, add new users, and change security settings, so that they are able to make adjustments to their programs in the future on their own.

Additional Services

Aside from the point-of-sale and accounting hardware and software solutions we offer, we help offices setup Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) and printer networks, as well. As with the other solutions we offer, we can provide all of the necessary items including hardware, software, labor, and training, or work with a client's existing equipment.


service hours and locations

While our normal business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, we do offer emergency services during after hours and on the weekend for those situations that simply can't wait until the next business day.


Although we are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, we have clients from all across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, and Georgia. We have the latest technology to work remotely when needed, and are also willing to travel to see our clients in person.  Travel charges may apply.


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